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Choosing Care: Why TPLO Surgery Might Be Right for Your Dog

At Highlands Eldorado Veterinary Hospital, we empathize with the challenge of choosing the best care for your beloved pet. Addressing intricate orthopedic concerns such as cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) injuries in dogs can indeed feel overwhelming. Among the different options available, TPLO surgery may be the best choice for your pet.

Understanding TPLO Surgery for Dogs

TPLO (tibial plateau leveling osteotomy) surgery is a highly effective procedure designed to stabilize the knee joint in dogs suffering from CCL injuries. TPLO surgery alters how the knee works.

This change lessens strain on the injured ligament. It also speeds up healing compared to other methods. This results in improved mobility and a better quality of life for your pet.

Benefits of TPLO Surgery for Dogs

  1. TPLO surgery helps dogs recover faster than other methods. This means your dog can get back to their normal activities sooner. They will be able to enjoy life again in no time.  
  2. TPLO surgery improves knee joint stability for the long term, lowering the chances of future joint problems and arthritis.
  3. Dogs that have TPLO surgery feel better and can move around more easily. This helps them join in on their favorite activities and enhances their quality of life. 

    Affordable TPLO Surgery Options 

At Highlands Eldorado Veterinary Hospital, we believe that every pet deserves access to quality care at an affordable price. That’s why we offer competitive pricing for TPLO and ACL repair surgeries in the area. Our experienced team dedicates itself to providing exceptional veterinary services at affordable prices. 

Why Choose Highlands-Eldorado Veterinary Hospital?

  1. Expertise: Our veterinary surgeons are skilled in performing TPLO surgeries and have extensive experience in orthopedic care for pets. 
  2. Compassionate Care: We understand the importance of treating your pet like family. From pre-surgery consultations to post-operative care, we’re here to support you every step of the way. 
  3. Our hospital has modern facilities with the latest technology and amenities to give the best care for your pet.
  4. Highlands Eldorado Veterinary Hospital offers affordable surgery options for dogs, ensuring quality care within budgetary constraints.


Choosing the right care for your dog’s health and well-being is crucial. TPLO surgery is a recommended option for dogs suffering from CCL injuries. It provides long-term benefits and improves their quality of life.

Highlands Eldorado Veterinary Hospital offers affordable surgical services for your pet, ensuring top-notch care at a reasonable cost for pet owners. Contact us now to learn more about TPLO surgery and book a consultation for your furry friend.

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