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Spay/Neuter Surgery in North Texas

Our veterinary surgeons in McKinney are highly experienced in performing safe and effective spay and neuter surgeries. Spaying is the removal of the ovaries and uterus of a female animal. Neutering is the removal of the testes of a male animal. The main goal of the surgery is to prevent reproduction, but there are also many health and behavioral benefits associated with each.

We recommend spay and neuter surgery for any pet that is not intended to be purposefully bred. Animals who receive spay or neuter surgery tend to be healthier, better behaved, and longer-lived than animals who are not. Below is a list of the benefits of spay/neuter surgery in more detail:

The average lifespans of spayed females are longer. This result has several reasons, most importantly because spaying greatly decreases the risk of uterine infections and breast cancer in females, both potentially fatal conditions. In fact, if a female dog is spayed before her first heat period, it decreases her chances of contracting breast cancer by 90%!

Prevents testicular cancer in males. This is another potentially fatal disease that can be avoided with neutering.

It prevents females from going into heat; both dogs and cats can be very taxing to care for during their heat periods. They may pee in the house, make increased vocalizations, and make your family and friends uncomfortable. Male pets might also show up at your door unexpectedly.

Decreases roaming in males. Male pets who are not neutered feel a deep instinctual urge to seek out females. This means they are more likely to run away or travel further from home. If you enjoy taking your pet to parks or on walks outside, they might feel very distracted and not behave because of their intense desire to wander. Neutering protects them by decreasing these urges.

Saves you time and money. Unplanned litters are both expensive and time consuming to care for properly. You will need space, supplies, and savings for veterinary bills because both the mother and the newborns will require frequent veterinary appointments. And once the puppies or kittens start getting older, you will feel pressured to find homes for them somehow. No unplanned litter means less stress on your time and wallet.

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