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Pet Microchipping Services in McKinney

Millions of lost pets are brought to animal shelters or veterinary offices every year by well-meaning neighbors and good-hearted passersby. But sadly, the majority of pets brought to animal shelters are never reunited with their original family. Keep track of your dog or cat with microchipping services in McKinney.

Pets with microchips embedded in their bodies encoded with their owner’s contact information stand much better chances of being reunited with their families.

The microchip implantation procedure is quick and relatively pain-free. It is comparable to a routine pet vaccination in terms of time and discomfort. The microchip is usually implanted between the shoulder blades because this area is sturdy and easy to reach for most Texas veterinarians. The procedure takes mere seconds, and some pets do not even notice the small needle penetrating the skin.

After the grain-of-rice-sized chip has been implanted, the pet will have it with them for the rest of its life. As long as the information in the chip is registered in the national pet-finding database, they will never be without your contact information again.

We will register your pet’s microchip with Save This Life Microchip, so your address and phone number will be associated with the microchip. It is important to remember to update this information if it ever changes; otherwise, animal care professionals who come into possession of your lost dog or cat will not be able to find you.

We continue to recommend that all pets wear collars and ID tags in addition to their microchips. You can never be too safe when it comes to keeping your pet secure.

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