Travel Certificates

If you are planning to take your pet on a trip with you, think ahead and be prepared.

Pets who are crossing country or state borders need appropriate paperwork. Any pet undergoing air travel will need travel certificates in order to be admitted on to the airplane.

Our veterinarians are able to provide the correct travel certificates for pets on the go and our own Dr. Wesley Taylor is USDA licensed for International travel and airline travel certificates as well.

These certificates are not only important because they are legally required; they protect the pet’s health, the safety of other travelers, and the environment to which they are traveling. Therefore, our veterinarians must make sure of the following items before they can designate a pet is able to receive their certificate:

  • The pet is free from disease.
  • The pet is strong and healthy enough to fly without danger.
  • The pet has received appropriate vaccinations for the travel destination.

We strongly recommend contacting your airline at least a month in advance of your departure to make sure of their particular travel requirements. Many airlines require that the travel certificate is dated within 10 days of the flight. Please schedule your appointment accordingly in advance to ensure your pet will be ready to fly.

Pets who are able to ride with their owners in the cabin endure less stress than those who must ride in steerage, so if possible request for your pet to fly with you. For many pets who do not meet size requirements, this may not be an option. If your pet must travel in steerage, take care to avoid flying when their may be extreme hot or cold temperatures, and provide them with plenty of water and space in their crates.

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